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This is an idea I had for our Python Guild. We have a lot of people writing Python code at our company. A lot of them are not developers primarily (or at least not Python developers). Because of that they are often write code that is not easy to maintain which is a problem if it needs to be maintained for a long time.

I would like to help them write better code. Unfortunately it’s not possible for me to personally teach each one.

Code review is one of the best ways to improve your skills. But not all teams are used to do code reviews. Or maybe, there is nobody who can do one. We can share this resource — the code review — across teams.

I propose to create a group of volunteers that will offer their time to other developers and code reviews for them. The more people agree to this the better (I can’t do it by myself).

How to ask for a code review

  1. Create a Git repository, leave the master branch empty

  2. Create another branch (e.g. "implementation") and put your code there

  3. Create a Pull Request from the feature branch to master

  4. Send a link to the PR to the #help-python channel with a @python-code-review mention

    • Tip: indicate how thorough you want the CR to be. E.g. AT A GLANCE (give me feedback if my design makes sense, I expect to work on this code), MODERATE (I doesn’t need to be perfect, focus on high level stuff), BRING IT ON (let’s check every statement, this will be live for years)

  5. When you are done incorporating changes, use the "re-request review" feature on Github

  6. After the PR is approved, you can merge your changes

Be prepared to take feedback. Be respectful to the reviewers time

How to give a code review

  1. Indicate that you are going to a request for review

  2. Do a code review according to the indicated level of thoroughness

  3. Add your comments to the PR and request changes if need

  4. Communicate with the author

  5. Approve the PR when both parties are satisfied

Remember, empathy is important in any communication. Be kind. Give clear feedback. Do not assume anything.


Propose this concept at the Python Guild.

Get at least 5 volunteers.

Create the @python-code-review user group on slack.

Announce the group on #help-python and elsewhere with link to this article