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When developing a Python package, the recommended practice is to install your package in editable mode. This way you can still edit your source code and run your tests on the installed version of your package, without having to reinstall it each time.

Usually, your project structure will be something like this:

├── .git
├── my_project/
│   ├── __init__.py
│   └── module.py
└── setup.py

You can run pip install -e . in the top level directory to install your package locally.

After that, an interesting thing happens if you do a pip freeze. If there is a .git directory (or a directory for other VCS), your package will be listed as follows:

-e git+git@github.com:user/my-project.git@079d2ae797515c740a1742fc77bdcd68e577cbe5#egg=my-project

I.e. it will point to the repository of your project instead of just naming your package. I could not find any mention of this anywhere in the documentation and it surprised me at first.

Note: If there is no remote specified for your repository it will fallback to the package name and insert a comment in the output:

## !! Could not determine repository location